Tuesday, January 25, 2011

the "winner" is...

Today, I thought I should tell you which sweater won the honor of being my next project...

and this will come as NO surprise to those of you who know me well.

I chose...


(sort of)

As I said before, I am really entirely incapable of choosing between two goods, or two evils.  I'm a "both" and "neither" kind of person.   A "let's compromise" kind of person.  A "more is more" kind of person.  I do appreciate your input, those of you who did cast a vote (thank you Edna!!).  And the rest of you, who did not vote, I can only assume that you either (1) have much more important things to do than cast votes on some yarn geeks next self-imposed project, or (2) you just don't care which sweater I make next.  Either way, that's cool.  You and me - we're still friends. 

But I am sending a thank you gift to my one brave commenter.  Edna, thank you for bravely casting a vote! - these are for you - May you be able to decide a creative destiny for this lovely yarn faster than I was able to.  They have been in my stash for longer than I care to admit, just waiting for me to make them into something more than a pile of unfinished project.

Now - back to the sweaters.

I made it to my yarn store this weekend, and bought 2 bundles of Cascade Ecological wool. 

This wool will someday be my "owls" sweater.  I'm coming along nicely already, thanks to the bulk of the yarn.  I "flew" through the ribbing and am making my way already up the body of the sweater.  I love bulky yarn for this.  Much faster gratification than a worsted weight.  :)

I liked how my circular needles sort of fell into a "heart" shape here, so I snapped a quick foto.

And as for the "peasy" sweater...

I cast on for that first, actually - (even though I secretly like the "owls" sweater better) because I had the scottish tweed in my stash already, so it was right there.  You know?  It was right there!!!  So I cast on, and then found a little while into it that my gauge was way too big. 

So, in a move typical to me, rather than fish around for needles in a different size, in an attempt to correct my incorrect gauge  (this would have been the next logical step, if I was a logical person at all.) I fished around for a new project entirely, and came up with a new sweater pattern - which is knit to the gauge I had already achieved!  I think this is genius!! 

You may disagree.

So now, my second sweater is going to be this!    Which I like equally as well.    And, actually, while I'm on the subject (what subject am I on anymore?  It's so hard to tell...) I really like all of the knitwear designs I see from this designer.   If you're on Ravelry, look her up - Heidi Kirrmaier.  I may end up making almost all of her sweaters.  Her taste and mine sync up really too well.  :)

So here's the beginning of my raglan V neck:

(That's the back obviously, if you're thinking "that doesn't look like a V neck"...  I love knitting this so far.   Bela seems to approve as well.

Ok, off to do some work now before my boss tells me not to bother showing up anymore.

Happy Tuesday to you all!
 Have some flowers.

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  1. beautiful projects you have going! I am also a fan of soulemama and I have a knitting book giveaway on my blog that you might be interested in. Take a look! http://ballancedmom.blogspot.com/2011/01/book-giveaway.html


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