Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Sweater Poll: please vote!

I finished February Lady, but she is taking forever to dry!  So final photos will have to wait until later this week.  I also finished my Subway Hat over the weekend, but I'm having trouble taking a good picture of it.  So deal with this...

Despite the frighteningly bad picture, I actually really like this hat, and the quirky design of it.  It makes me feel like a Dutch maiden  :)   I ended up really horribly off with my gauge, so I threw it into the washing machine and let it felt for a while.  Now it's all shrunked up and soft and lovely!   In fact, it's a little too shrunked up to add the fleece lining that the pattern calls for, but it really doesn't need a lining, since it's now felted so nicely.

If you came by yesterday, you may have been returning today for an oatmeal cookie recipe (the best oatmeal cookie recipe actually) but

... you'll have to wait one more day.  Because friends, I have 2 computers, and while I am blogging this morning from one computer, all of the pictures of the cookies and cookie making process are on the other.  And I simply cannot, will not, post a cookie recipe without the accompanying pictures.  You understand.   It just won't do.

So today, instead, I will just ask you for some help.  Please do help, because I am quite indecisive this week.  As I said, I have finished my sweater, and so my fingers are itching to immediately begin another.  I cannot for the life of me decide which to choose.  So weigh in, please.  Leave a comment.  Go on, don't be shy.

Contestant #1:  She's a pretty little number, with a flock (?) of owls running the entire length of her yoke.  She's made in ecological wool, y'all, and a quick knit from the bottom up with almost no seaming.  She offers just enough knitting interest in her cute little cables to keep the adventurous knitter from falling asleep at the needles.

Contestant #2Peasy is her name, and green felted tweed is her game.  She comes complete with a front lace panel that is sure to peak this knitter's love of all things lace, and she's a lovely shade of green, that I simply adore!  You won't go wrong with this pretty little cardigan number as you step out in style!

So -  #1, or #2  ??


  1. I tried to vote but my computer had other ideas. I love them both, but the peasy is my fav.


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