Wednesday, March 7, 2012

a Hoot, a Hat...

I have always wished to spot an owl around here... but so far, I've had no luck.  So I guess I've started collecting some of my own in the meantime.
First there was this guy...

And then I started knitting this...

That one belongs to the designer Kate Davies, isn't it lovely?  (I hope I'm not doing something bad by using her photo here... I fear I am... Please click on her photo and be directed to her great blog Needled for pattern  info)

Now - here's mine...

 Some day... some day it will be done.  That day will not be anytime soon if I continue knitting it at the completely-disinterested-rate of abut 3 - 4 rows a month...   I don't know - knitting a sweater is something of a commitment that I guess I just can't put my whole heart into right now.

So in the interests of having an owl-craving "instantly" gratified... I made this instead.

It took one day.

That is so much faster.  I can handle that kind of commitment right now :)

One day.  And one happy boy who claimed it before it was even off of the needles, and proudly wore it immediately thereafter...   You know how I love it when they wear my wool!  Very gratifying!

Of course, I made it for myself, because that's what I do... and I'm hoping to wear it every now and then, but the weather's so mild right now having one hat for two people has not been much of a problem.

I will tell you though that I was happy when I tried it on because it is the first hat in the last 10 or so I've made that have fit me perfectly... not too big, not too small.  And it's a lovely soft alpaca, that just feels so nice and squishy... and a dark grey that makes my eyes look dark gray when I wear it...

So he better watch out... because now that I'm thinking it over, I sort of want that hat back.

What am I saying???  It only took me a day... I guess I could just make another one!!

                                                            ***  Reading ***

This week I'm reading Child 44 along with my book club.  I'm half-way through, and really enjoying it... My friend, who finished the book over the weekend, says she was not expecting the turn it took at the end, so now I'm really excited to crawl into bed and read again tonight... When I'm done, I'll be starting book 2 of the Hunger Games...

And to my surprise, the first edition of Taproot magazine came unexpectedly to my mailbox this week - so I've been reading that in bits and pieces, and getting excited about planning this year's garden adventure.  Maybe this year my tomatoes will finally do well and the skunk won't kill all of my pumpkins... each year I get a little bit better at this gardening thing.

What are you reading?

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  1. Your owls are just adorable. That is so cute that your son claimed your perfect fitting hat, he looks very handsome wearing it.
    Happy yarn along.

  2. Loving your owl projects! That hat is awesome, what a hoot. Ok, sorry, I just couldn't resist.

  3. Fabulous owl hat. Make another. I'm not sure you stand much chance of getting the other one back. I'm glad we don't have skunks in the UK. I didn't know they were problems in the garden.

  4. I'd say your chances are about nil in getting that hat back--he looks way too cute in it anyway!!! Haven't gotten my taproot yet--can't wait!!!!!

  5. I absolutely adore the owl sweater, actually marked the pattern on ravelry myself. I've also knit two of the owl hats, one for myself and one for a friend who just loves owls. They are quick and fun to knit, aren't they? :-)

  6. What a cute hat!

    I'm waiting for the library to let me know when "Catching Fire" comes in for me. I cannot wait to get started on the second book and see what happens to Katniss next.

  7. I love that sweater and your hat version of it also. I just made a bookmark using a very similar owl pattern as a 'test piece' before trying a owl garment!

  8. Cute hat! I can see why he stole it. :)

  9. And then knit another one for your favorite little sister! I know, I'm greedy. But it's so adorable! And remember when my kitten confused the hat box for the litter box? Now I have to start my hat collection all over again...

    I'm reading Snow Flower and the Secret Fan right now- and planning to start Catching Fire next.

  10. I am so completely in love with that hat! I mean, the sweater is lovely, but a *hat*… Love. xo

  11. I have that hat on my to-do list. It looks wonderful! And that stuffed animal (is it from Imagine Childhood?) is so sweet. I'm waiting for my copy of Taproot to arrive. What do you think of it?

  12. oh how special, off the needles and on his head! i love that. i have made a few of those owl hats too, and darn if they didn't walk off immediatly too. maybe i'll have to make another one just for me!


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