Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Spaghetti, Pajamas, Dragons, Knights, Swedish Chefs and UFO's

On spaghetti: We had some friends over for dinner the other night, and had a great time! 

The boys love to have visitors, especially to eat dinner with new people.  I think they get bored just sitting across the table from mom and dad every night.  Every time we invite someone to dinner, I am reminded how wonderful it is, and I promise myself that we must extend invitations more frequently than we currently do.  There is nothing better than eating with friends, right?  And these particular friends have a little girl the same age as my boys, and a set of just-turned-1-year-old twins (today actually!! Happy Birthday twins!)

so it was especially nice to have them over, as they are pretty busy people and we don't get to just relax and talk to them very often.

On pajamas:  I made these last night for the twins' birthdays. 

Which as I said is today.  How cool to turn 1 years old on 1/1/11.  Right? 

On dragons and knights: 

There have been a couple hanging around our house lately.  

Sometimes an epic battle is brewing, and sometimes peace is at hand.   Dragons and shiny armor are the new casual attire in our home.  It makes me feel a bit under-dressed in my t's and jeans.  I am on the hunt for one of those pointy princess hats...

On the Swedish Chef:  When not entertaining guests this weekend, the bulk of the remaining free time was spent laughing at these videos on YouTube with my children who had never before seen the Muppet Show.  Ah - Muppet Show.  Why can't you still be on television on Sunday nights?    I didn't realize how much I'd missed you Muppet Show until my children reminded me.

and on UFO's (un-finished objects).  I found my February Lady Sweater in a bag in my closet this week. 

(This pattern is available as a free download from Pamela Wynne's site).  

Mine was missing sleeves, but that was about it.  I finished one sleeve this weekend, and am already busy working my way down the other.  I hope to show you a finished product by the end of the week.  I love this sweater already.  I think I'll be wearing this one alot.  The open lace work on the body makes it lighter than you'd expect from a 100% wool cardigan.  For the sleeves, I stopped at 3/4 length , and I am very pleased with that length.   It will definitely be in my regular rotation - so I'm knitting quickly now as I can see the end in sight.  Took me long enough though.  I'm pretty sure I cast on for this sweater last March.  Ah well. 

Until later friends!


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