Friday, January 14, 2011

Slowing down

"Why should we live with such hurry and waste of life?"   This quote from Walden is echoing in my head today.  It is difficult sometimes just to keep up with the pace of life.  Isn't it?
My boys seem to change over night.  Their faces look just a little different in the morning.

Before I went to sleep last night, I finished the book Mitten Strings for God: reflections for Mothers in a Hurry, and it is such a wonderful book.  I just left it on my nightstand, because I'm sure to continue to pick it up in the evenings.  

Today my thoughts are centered around the pace in our home, the rhythm of our daily life together, and on creating a special place here where we can just breathe and be who we are.  The world is such a noisy place sometimes.   I really hope for our home to be a refuge from all of that noise.

In Mitten Strings, Katrina says "We live in an age in which personal experience threatens to become interchangeable, with one day blurring into the next as we eat out at chain restaurants, shop at chain stores, drive back and forth to work, abandon our souls to television, technology, and manufactured entertainment."
I feel the truth in this statement.  I know there have been almost entire days where I was completely moving in auto-drive and didn't stop to notice anything.  I must always remind myself to slow down and notice how beautiful the smallest moments are in my day-to-day.   Everything is so fleeting.  And so spectacular.  What I wrote about here yesterday is already a precious memory and we're moving on!

Today I will work at creating more peace here, more wide-open space, and more uncluttered breathing room.  I will try to notice and take mental pictures of the best small moments of each day.


  1. That is exactly what I hope to accomplish...I love to declutter on Fridays and then I feel like I can accomplish anything over the weekend. I love taking those positive moments and remembering them during hard times or times that are not quite as rewarding. Great post!

  2. @City Sister
    Thank you for stopping by and commenting! For me, clearing out the clutter always seems to clear more space for creative things to happen too :) It feels good to start a weekend that way!


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