Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Random Post

Hello -

oh boy - will life just please slow down for 2 seconds so I can catch up please.  !!!

Me - over here - I am that over-winded, out-of-practice runner who is bowed over, face down, clutching her knees on the sideline, with one finger held in the air, and the other holding her sides for the runner's cramp.

I'd like to post every day here, of course, for we are surely doing and making and running all about with life, doing fun things that I'd like to share with you. 

But since I'm only making it here to this space about once a week - I'll just get started...

1.   Lots and lots and lots more apples.  There's a fresh pie crust in the fridge, waiting so patiently to be turned into a pie (maybe tomorrow!?) and we're up to our eyeballs in canned applesauce and baking apples.  So so so glad I put in the effort (with extra thanks to my lovely neighbor who stopped in - ok - I yanked her off the street - to help with the canning).  if I never peel another apple, that's ok.

2.  I am hereby proclaiming Mike the "master baker of our town".  If you'd like to stop by and try one of his several varieties of fresh baked 12 grain maple syrup italian french oh my goodness bread -
well -
Don't Bother.  I already ate it all.  And there's none left for you.   He's baking every other day though, so if you stop by randomly, (before I get home from work) then you might get lucky.  

3.   A beautiful friend of mine, a long while ago - handed me a mysterious bag out of the blue.  And inside was the most delightful and touching surprise - a bag of precut fabric squares that she and her mother had collected and assembled for a quilt.   At the time i was busy working away at my sister's quilt so I didn't have time to do anything except marvel at how pretty the fabric was and tuck it away for later.  Now is later.

And I have finished the quilt top.  Jojo claimed it for his own - and I begrudgingly agreed.  Because I wanted it for myself.  But I'll share.  It's not like it's bread after all.  I can share this.
I'm calling this quilt "Memere's Garden" - each square (I think they are vintage pillow cases and bed sheets) has a flower motif.
Yes, friends who give bags of fabric (or yarn) are by far the best sorts of people to know.

4.  Other sewing is taking place too.  Coffee sack buckets and purses and totes, and some little zippered pouches.  The totes and pouches are my own, and the bucket pattern can be purchased here, from the lovely and oh so friendly Maya.  Oh I can't tear myself away from my sewing machine!  And at a time of year when I should be knitting I guess.  It is knitting season after all.  no Sewing season!  Knitting season!!  Sewing Season!!  Fire!!  (the boys have been watching the loony tunes a lot lately.  obviously.)

5.  My mini van broke down, just about the same day G's latest hospital bills and the school tuition check came due.  That was an awesome day.  Not. 

6. And what else?  More else.  But I've got to run to work.

I will try so hard to come back and dribble on about myself and my family tomorrow... will you come back too?

(insert random obligatory fall foliage shots here)

(that's Rhama following me on my walk.  he always does.  he's over protective.)


  1. You guys live in a perfect little house in a perfect little place. So sad I'm not coming up there this fall. Last time this year, even that 48 hour trip was unforgettable. I want the quilt. Will you share it with me too? Also tell Mike to send me his bread recipe and I will send him my ribs recipe.

  2. I just love that Rhama. I charged him with protecting my family in my absence and he's a great, big, wonderful boy. Give him some extra kibble from M.e.M.e..

  3. @Martin
    oh ribs - yummy!! sounds like a good trade to me :)


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