Thursday, January 13, 2011

Squam Art Workshop

Yay, hooray!  I will be attending the Squam Art Workshop this summer!  I couldn't possibly BE more excited than I am to go to this retreat.  I will be taking 15 hours worth of classes in knitting/crochet/screen printing/and sewing with great teachers!  
And it's on Squam lake, which admittedly is not a very far hike from my house, but still beautiful.

My very first class of the workshop will teach me how to pull thread directly from a stretched silk cocoon and knit it into something.  With her!!!  - the yarn harlot herself is teaching the class. GLAG  <giggles like a geek>   I made that acronym up.  Further evidence of my geekdom, like you needed any.

The next day of the workshop I will be honing/fine tuning my crochet skills, which are lagging way behind my knitting skills.  This will be good.

And on the subject of crochet :

- I snapped a photo of these before we took our Christmas tree down, because I wanted to remember them before I take them back out of storage next year.   I don't know from whom or whence these particular beauties came, I wish that I did.  They are absolutely my favorite ornaments on the tree each year... and I would really like to learn how to make some more.  From what I can tell online, they are made with this:

Aunt Lydia's Bamboo Crochet Thread-White
                                                          (That's size 10 bamboo crochet thread.)

I have found a bunch of free patterns online, so when I get some other projects off of their needles, I will feel ready to begin some of these.  And I will keep you posted, incase you want to join me and make some too.

Lastly, the boys and I have been reading about snow and snowflakes, and have been busy making the paper kind with scissors and tissue paper.  We have plastered our windows with the fake kind, in the hopes that they would bring about the real kind.  And it worked!!  Hooray for real snow!




  1. Snowflake Bentley and his book Snow Crystals are two of my favorites! Each year I pull them off my shelf when the first flakes come down outside my 4th grade classroom window. I'm not usually spontaneous as a teacher, but on that occasion we ditch whatever lesson was planned and spend an hour reading the book, examining the photos of crystals, and cutting out proper 6-sided paper snowflakes (none of those 8-sided flakes for me...can you hear me Baby Einstein books?!)
    Love the blog, Crystal. You have a really readable style (Mrs. Boggs would be proud). And I can relate to your topics since I have young kiddos of my own and a crafty (in the best possible sense of the word) wife.
    -Jeff Nolt

  2. @Anonymous
    Hello Jeff! They are great books aren't they? I keep them on my coffee table because we all like to just sit and look at the crystals. I'm using it right now to design a snowflake sweater too :)
    I love that you use it for the first snow flakes at school, I bet the kids love that! Thank you for reading (and commenting) - take care! - Crystal


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