Thursday, January 6, 2011

A Picture Postcard

Good morning everyone!   Today, I am simply sharing some photos with you from the weekend.  I have become quite a shutterbug since I received my Bestest Present Under the Tree: my new Canon Rebel EOS Digital SLR.  Hooray.  I am taking it ev..ery..where!!

It was a beautiful weekend, so we decided to try out the little ice skates someone gave us for the boys (they were hand-me-downs from a very kind customer of Mike's).  And this year they fit!  It was very exciting.  Well, they fit Johann.

George will grow into his.  But he did very well on those skates, even so!  A natural, I think.

Not all of the pond has been cleared for skating by our friendly neighbors, but if the snow continues to melt, we may have an entirely clear pond pretty soon.  Which is what it looked like most of last year. 

By the end, Johann was gaining confidence and doing just fine with only one hand (clutched tightly!)

Back home for hot chocolate!   


  1. Look at you, walking on the ice!

  2. I can't believe you can do this in your backyard. The photos look great. Glad to hear your got the camera you had been wanting. It should serve you well.

  3. @Martin
    it is pretty cool to decide to ice skate and then be doing it 5 minutes later. :)
    btw - love the hat in your profile pic!!


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