Thursday, April 5, 2012

A new apron for me!

A new apron this week - a "clothespin" apron, so named because of it's entire front being essentially one big pocket to carry them in.  Or instead of clothespins - for instance - legos.  Or cheerios... or metal screws and guitar picks... lone socks, children's underwear, lollipop wrappers, bits of string, oddly shaped discarded crayon ends, basically any of the miscellaneous what-nots I find laying on the ground while I'm cleaning up.   It is an extremely useful pocket, it turns out!

I followed this free pattern over at the Seasoned Homemaker.  I love free patterns!  And the fabric is called "Chick Chick" by Nancy Mims for Robert Kaufman.   I'm not sure it gets much better than polka dots AND chickens at the same time.

And now - I'll be enjoying the weekend at home, cooking a ham dinner, hiding eggs, making some Easter lollipops with my new candy molds, reading, knitting, walking, and playing with the boys...  It's going to be a great weekend I think!  Enjoy yours...  See you Monday!

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