Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Shalom Knit-Along

Ok, I said I wouldn't be back this week - but here I am.

I decided to join a knit-along yesterday, which is something I have never done before with Linda at Natural Suburbia.   In the past I have always heard about patterns and knit-alongs LONG after the "moment" had passed - but this one I happened to catch right at the beginning.

I will be knitting the Shalom cardigan, which you can find on Meghan's blog for free, and I will be knitting it along with a group of knitters from all over the world.  I queued this simple and lovely pattern in my "to be knit" line up a long time ago and then never started it, so I'm looking forward to knitting it now.   We will each blog about our Shalom's on Wednesdays, and check in on each other for advice, modifications... and just to see each other's progress.

I will be making mine in a softer than butter organic cotton from BlueSky Alpacas, in the color "spearmint".  It's a lovely variegated light blue/green, that I can tell already is going to be darn near impossible to capture in a photograph.

I started last night after the kids were asleep and before I knew it I was on the second repeat of the yoke, so I think this is going to be a quick knit-along!

I thought I would also share a little about the books we've been reading this week too, as part of Ginny's Yarn Along, since that's what I normally do on Wednesday's.    We just got Sarah O'Leary's book "Where You Came From" and we all love it.  It is such a cute story - we love to look at the pictures of Henry and giggle.

And I just got the book "Above All Be Kind: Raising a Humane Child in Challenging Times" by Zoe Weil.   I've seen this one on some suggested reading lists and wanted to read it myself.  I ALSO finally started Oh Pioneers, and now I cannot put it down!  I was enrapted in the tale from the first pages.

So that's all for today - and now you probably won't see me back here until Monday.  But I could turn up tomorrow - I never know what I'll do.  I am a mystery unto myself.


  1. I am so glad I stopped by here today! I have the Shalom cardigan bookmarked as a "some day I'll make one of these" project, but now that I see there's a knit along for it, I just may have to join you! What fun. :)

  2. I'm glad you stopped by too! So far it has been a really fun knit :)

  3. Crystal, your yarn is absolutley beautiful, I can see the softness from the photo... How wonderful your cardi will look when it is finished. Thank you so much for joining in the KAL:)
    Take care

  4. isn't it amazing how fast it goes? i am also up the second repeat after only a few hours of knitting off and on!

  5. @LindaThank you Linda! I can see myself knitting more than one of these, I have to say. although, I jumped in a bit too feverishly - I'm going backwards a little bit to make some modifications :)

  6. I just discovered your blog (after admiring your Corinne cardigan on knitty) and have had a lovely time reading :) I knitted the shalom cardi last year and am wearing it right now - it is a great pattern, see mine on Ravelry, I am panini. Your puffy baked apple pancakes are on my to cook list!

  7. @Shara, Thank you for visiting! I love the cream color of your shalom, and hope you enjoy the pancakes :)


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