Friday, March 30, 2012

Guest Post: Creative Friday

My sister Corinne is here with a guest post this morning!


From Pallet... to Pretty!

Hello Green Mittens readers! 
I’m writing to you from the heart of Amish Country Pennsylvania, where I live with my newlywed (not Amish) husband in our newly bought (old) house.  After the purchase of said house, my husband and I quickly found ourselves with a new hobby- fixing up used furniture.  (aka: not spending money on new furniture!)
We’ve been schnauzing around the used furniture stores for about a year now, trying to find the cheapest items with the most promise.  (My husband just informed me that schnauzing is not a real word, but I assured him, in the heart of Pennsylvania Dutch country, it most definitely is.  Definition: to “snout” or to browse around a store with the intention of finding the best bargains)
Our most recent project, however, was not one of these thrifty finds.  It was even better because it was free!  It’s our new headboard, which we fashioned from a couple of old pallets, some plywood, and a wee bit of leftover paint. 
I shouldn’t say that it was completely free.  First, as you'll notice in the pictures, I rely heavily on the handiwork of my handsome husband, and the materials that he has available to him at work (ie: pallets and plywood).  And second, I bought the reading lamps at IKEA for $14.99 a piece.  I couldn’t resist the thought of pulling on a little string right above my head when I was ready to go to sleep.  Ultimate laziness, but so worth it!
Here are some pictures of the process from pallet to pretty:

And here’s something I actually did find while schnauzing around the used furniture store!  I covered the seat cushion with the best fabric ever… a lovely mélange of pink and purple hearts, ribbons, and of course- skulls!  

Thanks to my sister for inviting me here for a visit to Green Mittens world.  Happy schnauzing everyone!

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