Friday, January 7, 2011


Remember I told you I'm a bit flighty with my projects?  This is what I found in one of my bins the other day as I was organizing rifling through my yarn stash...

A pair of opera-length wool gloves that I had abandoned for who knows what with only THREE fingers left to finish!!!  How ridiculous!  To put that much effort into something and then just toss it into a bin, with only a handful of minutes left of work to be done.  Even I'm appalled at my shocking disregard for this lovely pair of gloves.  I must have seen something shiny and got distracted.

Anyway - last night I made amends with them. I apologized profusely (they had been holding a grudge and had allowed themselves to become tossed about in that bin in such a way as to produce a terrible knot that took me at least an hour to unravel) and now these gloves and I are OK again and they are finished.  (Except for weaving in ends.  Hopefully that won't take another two years.)

I based the pattern off of one in this book, and I have no idea what this yarn is anymore.

It's sad that I didn't keep the label.   From this point forward I must try to be more responsible with my yarn and my projects.
Next week, I'll show you the beautiful lace scarf that I dumped half way through because I forgot to knit in a life line and then got hopelessly lost.    <sigh>


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