Monday, January 24, 2011

at the piano

This turned out to be a special weekend for me.  I had the chance to catch up with a very dear friend, my piano.  

We haven't spoken in some time.  Too long.  But like a very dear old friend would,  I was instantly forgiven and welcomed back.

** disclaimer: my other friend - the piano tuner, has not been to visit in a very long time either, so be warned, those of you with perfect pitch... you may want to sit this performance out.  (snobs)

We talked about many things.  How a single day can sometimes feel so long, and yet a year can pass in an instant.  Who we were together 15 years ago, when we were spending almost every waking hour together.  Who we thought we might be 15 years from then, and who we actually are today.  What defines us and our success together.  Why we love each other still, and how to move forward peacefully from here.

I think all in all it was a positive, if tentative, reunion.  Who knows?

Maybe we will chat again next weekend.  :)


  1. beautiful. always wished I had learned.

  2. Well I sure miss hearing from that "old friend".Thanks for the treat. I want more. And I love the pictures.The green sweater is already looking splendid as are my beeee-u-tiful grandboys.


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