Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Yarn Along: More of the horse

Oh what a crazy week!  I had big plans for this week - as far as posting in this space goes... and I'm watching as the days just go flying right by me.

Here's the horse from last week, now looking a lot more like a horse, but not quite done...

I lost my camera charger this week, and haven't been able to free my pictures from the fiber festival this past weekend (oh I can't wait to post my pictures from the festival - Next Week - promise)  and all of the other many pics I took over the week.  It's been driving me batty - not to have my pictures.

Then I heard my own voice in my head, a voice that is constantly asking the children "Did you look in your room?"  Did you look in your closet?  How about under your bed?

And I realized...   I had never looked for the charger under my bed.  I had never looked under my bed for anything apparently, in quite some time, because I was both pleasantly surprised and horrified by the haul of loot I unearthed when I ventured under there.  Lo and behold...

My charger!   (practice what you preach, mama.  Clean your own room)

So we'll have pictures and posts soon.   



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