Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Wednesday with Yarn

Good Morning -

I am here with an update on my Shalom, which I'm knitting as a part of Linda's Knit-a-long.

Well, last week's blue cotton Shalom went tink, tink, tink, back to the yarn pile - for another project some other day.  Not only was it iMPOSSIBle to get gauge (I exhausted my needle supply and my patience), but I also found it to be fuzzing a little more than I like in a sweater.  So I'll have to sit on that yarn for a bit longer -

Then, I lost a couple of days swimming in the over 4000 other Shalom projects that are posted on Ravelry (!!!)   Eventually I pulled my bleary-eyed self away from the computer, noted a couple of measurements and modifications that I planned to employ, and began the actual knitting = TAKE TWO!

Luckily, I already had a healthy chunk of Cascade Eco Wool + in my stash - that will step in and do the job quite nicely.  (THIS is a perfect reason why one should always have a respectable size stash at the ready)   A deep pink, another color that has been tricky to photograph inside, but when it's all nice and done, I'll take it outside for a photo shoot.  I've shortened the yoke rows by 2, cast on 77 instead of 67, and am adding 5 button rows.


G was happy to do some live action shots of the sweater yoke-in-progress for you...

Andrew Henry's Meadow
 (sorry for the blurry photo - my photo mysteriously disappeared so I had to borrow Amazon's picture)

and here's the latest addition to our book shelf, as part of Ginny's YarnandBookAlong.   LOVE LOVE LOVE this book!  mostly for the awesome illustrations, but the story of the runaway/inventor/builder - young Andrew Henry is very good too. 

Pencil drawings done by the author herself.  

Reading or knitting anything yourself this Wednesday?  I would love to hear about it!!


  1. the book looks beautiful :) good luck with your knitting - the pattern looks lovely :)

  2. That book looks like one my kids would love. I hope to someday knit a Shalom...
    Regarding the hats for Japan--I am not a crocheter, so don't know of any good patterns--Can you knit a hat instead?? I suspect that most of the hats we collect will be knitted, I just didn't want to leave out those who crochet.

  3. Your work is beautiful. I love pencil sketches. The book is a new one to me. Thank you for sharing.

  4. @Ginny
    I can definitely knit a hat! I think I'll try to crochet one too, as a good exercise for me :) Love reading your blog by the way.

  5. The sweater is wonderful! I have to find that book too!! The illustrations are delightful!

  6. That book looks quite exciting - love those illustrations!

    Have fun with your Shalom! It looks beautiful already!

  7. have fun with your shalom! i'm almost done with mine and am already thinking i want to knit a second one in a color (the current one is heather grey).

  8. love this color. really I must branch out past the greens and blues in my stash! the book looks lovely as well, puts in mind a book for older folks by Calvino named the Baron in the trees (which is about a young baron who leaves his house as a boy to live in the trees, he doesn't come back down until he is old and it is just a fantastic book)


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