Monday, May 30, 2011

Monday: 10 good things


- a sunny and warm LONG weekend at home, just the four of us.  No place to be or go.  

- dirty dirty hands, mud piles, rock piles, and lots and lots of planting in the gardens.  All the seedlings are in, all the seeds are planted, all the window boxes are looking lovely.  Here we come Summer!

- a chicken coop progressing quite nicely (if not just a bit stressfully)

- a 3 year old who cannot for anything in the world keep a secret about what a certain birthday present might be, and the belly laughs that followed his unexpected  and terribly exited declaration during cake that daddy wouldn't believe his surprise coffee maker when he sees it!!! (espresso maker actually, but oh well)

- a light cake with fresh strawberries and mascarpone whipped cream.  yummy   (you SHOULD make this cake.  Go - now.)

- a blooming rhododendron, a beautiful and quite unique shade of deep red.  Makes me happy every time I look at the front of our home.

- boys who request face paint for no particular reason on a saturday morning, and are thereby immediately transformed into "hero super fairies" (?!) who save the world from the chicken man (?!)

- homemade ice cream.  there is really a little TOO much (is that possible?) home made ice cream going on around here thanks to him.  and this.   But in all seriousness -  the ratio in my freezer of ice cream to ... well...everything else is starting to tip frighteningly heavy on the ice cream side.  

- a 40th birthday for the most loved, and most lovable, man in the universe.   Doesn't look a day over 30. 

- a scary amount of laundry and cleaning and organizing and packing to be done in 2 short days before I leave for SAW.  It'll all get done.  (You can join me at around 9 p.m. on Tuesday night when the panic really sets in.)  Until then, I'm just smiling and looking blissfully forward to my vacation!!!


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