Tuesday, May 3, 2011

This Weekend: In and Around the House



this weekend was:

- opening all the windows and cleaning out sills and screens to let the lovely breezes into our home

- celebrating the warm weather by having our first grilled dinner on the picnic table

- watching M build me a raised garden bed and planning in my head what I'll be planting there, while I scrubbed down the patio furniture and brought out some house plants to spend the summer on the porch.

- finding the return of chalk rainbows on our driveway

- 2 boys and their cat, enjoying the sun on the front stoop together

- more pickles in the fridge for M following this simple recipe (except using white vinegar and no sugar), and a cake-baking afternoon that was fun for all (until it was time to clean up... and then my helpers were mysteriously missing in action)  The mess is WELL worth it though, when you're baking this:  Chocolate Zucchini Cake Recipe.

- and of course, heading out to the ice cream truck for our first cones of the season (well - first cones that we bought at the TRUCK anyway...  we're sort of year-round ice cream eaters if you want the truth)

- and finally, logging onto Ravelry to find that the Corinne Cardigan is number 4 right now!  So exciting to see everyone's finished cardigans and works in progress!

And you dear friends: how did you spend your weekend?



  1. I had an ice cream social at my partner Jeff's house. Saturday we gave out free ice cream at an garden planting event and got a picture of mayor Michael Nutter eating one. Sunday I started to paint my porch then had a meeting with a web designer and took a tour of the space that will eventually become my ice cream production kitchen sometime next year. Yay for year round ice cream.

  2. @MartinHoping to try some of that ourselves when we head down to Philadelphia :)


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