Monday, May 9, 2011

the Weekend: well spent

Good morning,

We had a lovely weekend at home again.  Nice breezy weather - skies with huge interesting clouds (love huge clouds!), even a first passing thunderstorm (love those too!)

- found a new park with a walking trail around a pond (a great recommendation from our friends),

- got some ice cream together and ate it out on the sidewalk curb while we watched the cars and the clouds pass by,

-was sent on a Mama's Day Treasure Hunt through the house on Sunday morning after a homemade crepe breakfast for my mama's day gifts (yay for my new wool winder!!! and yay for little construction paper cards in which I see "mom" written by my little ones, and I am portrayed as a circular sun with hair and arms and legs protruding from my smiling head.   LOVE that card forever!!)

- poked around at the local flower/garden center to get ideas, but didn't buy anything.

- decided for sure on the placement of the future home for the chickens.  It's definitely definite now, after much much discussion, here, there, and everywhere.  That coop was fully-imagined in about 6 different places in our yard, and I think we have finally hit on the one spot that will be best (for now)

- and last, but not least, I have won something in a drawing!  That hardly ever happens!  Once, I won a drawing for a pink, stuffed bunny from my dentist when I was 7 and was in the "no cavity" club... , and recently I won a set of lovely stitch markers from Affectioknit, but those are the only two things I can ever remember winning...  until I checked my inbox this morning to see I won the drawing for a gift certificate from Fresh Squeezed Fabrics offered at Soulemama's blog this weekend.  I am so excited to shop for some new fabric -  what a pleasant day-after-Mother's-day surprise :)

Now I'm off to poke around on their website... try to decide what to choose among all of their beautiful fabrics.   What a lovely dilemma I'm about to have!


  1. I was so happy for you when I saw you won the Freshly Squeezed Fabric! Woohoo! And, that card is a framer for sure. Lovely image of you, all orange crayon and love. Sweet.

  2. @Baby By The Sea I didn't think to frame it, what a great idea! Happy belated Mother's day to you too :)


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