Tuesday, May 31, 2011

New Pillows

I was looking at the sad blue pillows on my couch this weekend, and thinking "I really don't like those" - and then I wondered, why did I buy them?  And then I took off the covers and got rid of them.

And then...  I ate another slice of Mike's birthday cake.

And a piece of chocolate.

And then...  I put together a thousand puzzles with the boys.  And played outside in the sprinkler with them.  And took a bike ride.

And THEN... I sat down at the sewing machine, and made myself some pillows that I DO like.

And now I'm happy.   and that's that.

The pillow tops are made with 10 strips from a Jelly Roll, in Moda's Verna line by Kate Spain... cut to 19.5" and sewn to a backing of simple muslin.  Closed with a velcro flap, because I had neither a zipper foot nor a 16" zipper to be found, (nor the skills to sew on a zipper)

I'm at that point in sewing where I have just enough knowledge about what I'm doing to be a little dangerous. I remember this point in my early days of knitting, where I spent more time going backwards in frustration, than I did going forwards.   And if I could just remember that when you are planning to turn something inside out that the right sides need to face each other (!!!) I could be saving a lot of thread.  Oh the thread I am wasting by sewing before thinking!!

Oh well.

Let's go have some more cake.  Cake for breakfast is totally ok.  If you take nothing else away from this post, at least remember that.

this is what the children do when I try to take a picture of a pillow.


  1. Love them! (And is it wrong that as soon as I saw them, I said, "OOH! Moda!")

  2. @Special Sauce
    I would have a lot more in my savings accounts if I could stop saying "ooh, moda!"

  3. Oh man, do I know how that goes! Half of me wants to go browsing for more fabric RIGHT THIS MINUTE, and the other half says "wait till the pattern books you ordered get here, so you know what to buy."

  4. Love the pillows and those gorgeous teeth. Can't tell if it's G or J by the tonsils, but I love them. Also, love your hot pink sweater. You'll look gorgeous darling.


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