Thursday, May 5, 2011

A wee bit more sewing

My goal last night was to make 4 more dish drying mats... (they are sort of addicting)  And I  *love* that they're backed with recycled terry cloth... it makes me happy to take something I might normally not re-use and turn it into something pretty.  It's a new muscle I'm flexing... up there in my gray matter... trying to *see* old things differently, instead of just seeing things to donate or throw away. 

Anyway, I fell one short of my goal - and finished with 3 dish mats instead of 4.  That's OK, the 4th was for me to keep, while the first 3 are for Mother's Day gifts.

Here they are all done,

and here they are all wrapped up and ready to be mailed...

didn't give specifics before (because there really were no specifics for the first one I made - I didn't even measure, I just went right in and cut)

You need:
1.  one piece terry cloth/towel material = 21 x 15

2.  2 pieces cotton fabric for the top sides = 3.5 x 15

3.  1 piece cotton fabric for the top center = 15 x 15

*  Sew the side pieces to the center fabric with a 1/4" seam allowance, and press flat.   Place the top fabric of the mat and the terry cloth backing right sides facing each other, and sew with 1/4" seam along the outside of the rectangle, leaving just enough room on one edge to turn inside out.  Turn right sides out, and top sew along the edges - 1/4" to 1/2" in, turning the rough edges under for a smooth edge when you come to the opened edge.

That's it.  Probably easy enough that you wouldn't need any instruction, but there it is anyway


  1. That does it, I have to make one for my kitchen. I have an abundance of fabrics shouting for this treatment. Right after I finish the yoyo wreath I'm making my mom for... well... Mother's day.

  2. @Special Sauce make two, that's my only recommendation... because I have mine in the washing machine right now, and nothing to replace it on my counter. and are those fabric yo-yo's or paper? i'm curious :)

  3. Very cute! I like the mix-match of fabrics, they look great together! Great post, I am a big fan!!

  4. Those are awesome!!

    And I'm in love with that mandala fabric ~

  5. Thank you for the sweet comments! I hope the recipients like them too :)


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