Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Welcome to the stash!

Welcoming some new yarn into my stash today.  

First, some bee-U-tiful handpainted Blue Sky cotton that I scored out-of-the-blue at a random yarn store "pop-in" in Portsmouth.  If I come across any more of this stuff in future yarn store wanderings, I will surely horde it.   And if YOU come across some, buy it and send it to me, or ELSE!! 

Love love love this yarn.  Just love looking at it for now.  and BONUS - it is 100% organic grown and dyed.  

Next, this lovely merino wool, a Christmas gift from my sister.  Very chunky, handpainted, pastels blues and pinks.  Not sure what this will be someday but it's beautiful!

A pile of baby alpaca from Michael's mother for my birthday.   This will most likely be a crochet project,
because from my experience, baby alpaca is very soft but it doesn't hold it's shape well and tends to fuzz like crazy.  But lovely, none-the-less.

So gorgeous, and simple, Berocco's pure pima cotton.  Love this stuff, wish it was organic...  <sigh>
Probably a lacy spring wrap.  

Jasper merino wool.  I bought this on impulse because I had a $20 credit at my local yarn store.  And I love the colors.  It's rare to find a "pretty" variegated yarn in more masculine colors.  Maybe some new gloves or hat for Michael.

And lastly, a picture of the boys reading with daddy.  These winter afternoons where it gets dark so early, brings us all inside a bit sooner in the day.  This extra time indoors, in that time of the day while dinner is cooking and the day is winding down, Michael and the boys have carved out some extra reading time together.  So sweet to see them all curled up together.  Happiness.


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