Thursday, December 2, 2010

A Christmas Tree family!

I finished the Christmas tree ornaments from the Rhythm of the Home winter issue.  What a great issue!  I'm reading it in bits and pieces today whenever I get a minute.    I love the tree pattern!  I made one (which is now my medium sized one, and knew I needed to make a couple more.  (Because the first one just seemed too lonely sitting there all by itself).  And the boys cannot keep their hands of this little family of trees!  I didn't realize they would become the new favorite plaything around here when I started making them, but I was amused yesterday with all of the "tree family" scenarios that they have been imagining since I finished them and placed them as the stars in the middle of the living room coffee table the other day.  Maybe I'll need to knit up some companion snowmen next, to round out the play scene  a bit   :)


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