Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Def: adj., characterized by or liable to sudden unpredictable changes in attitude or behavior; impulsive; fickle.

Um, yes.   I have ECCD.  Extremely Capricious Crafting Disorder.

Most of the time, there are multiple crafts lying about me in the evening after the kids have gone to sleep.  And I am simultaneously working on all of them.  I flit back and forth.  For instance, I'll reach into my basket and pull out a ball of yarn and start a mitten.  I'll LOVE the mitten, for a couple of minutes.  Then I'm thirsty, so I go make myself some tea.  mmmm.  tea.   
I come back to my chair and plop down.  I cast about, trying to remember what I was working on a mere 10 minutes before.  Ah yes!   George's slippers! 

I pull them out, I only have a cuff started, but it's something.  I promised myself he'd get a pair of slippers, so slippers he will get!  I knit 9 or 10 rows.  The tea kicks in.  Bathroom break...
... and I'm back.  now where was I?   I see my notepad lying on the coffee table, and remember I had planned to sketch out a design for a snowflake sweater.   I start to doodle.   I think, it would really be a better idea to do this on graph paper, so I can match up the stitches to my design.  I might need some colored pencils and tracing paper too...  Where is that tracing paper? 
I spend 20 minutes rifling through one of my craft supply "bureaus" which to all the rest of the world, look like bureaus that a normal person would probably store their clothes in.   I find 4 unfinished paint-by-numbers (yes, I have a thing for those.  they're so pretty, and not at all tacky, as you may believe.), a huge pile of tissue paper, another pile of origami paper (from the great paper folding craze of 2009)... but no tracing paper.
I'm back at my seat now... should I sew a bit?  Yes probably...  Now it's time for bed...  Tomorrow there will be new projects, old projects re-found, and more mess.   It's all good.


  1. i'm in the midst of a paper folding craze myself. i got my first order of pretty-papers-for-making-christmas-presents in the mail last night.

    any chance you have some origami books you'd like to sell/trade/loan?

  2. @David - nope, no books... but have you seen PBS's documentary Between the Folds?

  3. it's on my netflix queue - thanks for reminding me, it's been there since before my latest bout of capriciousness (in favor of paper-folding over accordion-playing).

  4. Popped over to say hello from your xmas tree post on ROTH blog. Hello, fellow New Englander! I go through phases where I'm very monogamous with my knitting, then very flighty. I've been tasked to make socks for all three children, though, so I've been monogamous lately, but now I also want to make the youngest a doll and blanket for Christmas... so now I'm flighty again, because I'm sick of socks (although not done with them yet!).

  5. @amy @ kids in the studioHello! Thanks for visiting. I too am working on socks for Christmas presents for both boys. The first pair is finished. The second pair is coming along, but ever so slowly! I have never made a doll, is it difficult?

  6. I haven't made it yet, so I don't know. It's this pattern:

    I've made some other toys, though--Ysolda's bunny, and then I did it again as a dog, and then I made her elephant as a gift, and then I got sick of toys for a while. ;) They were very easy, top down, same as the f. pea one, but not felted.


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