Thursday, December 9, 2010

Hi Fiddle-dee-dee

a fiddlehead for me!   See my new mittens-to-be!  I am most excited about these as I am emphasizing with all! of the!  exclamation! points!   This beautiful pattern
has been in my "someday" pile for some time.   "Someday" for a number of reasons.

#1: I am not one for messing with a bunch of color changes, for one thing.  I like a yarn that does the work for me.  like this:
for instance. 

also #2: I had a hard time justifying buying 7 skeins of yarn for one pair of mittens.  That's a lot of alpaca!  Plus the mittens are lined with Cashmere... oooooh.  Cashmere!

and #3, well, I just have a lot "on my needles" right now (see previous post), and who has the time to concentrate on colorwork mittens !!?!! 

But, then... I SAW a pair, a sample pair, at my local yarn store, and I made the mistake of picking them up and trying them on.

And it was love.  The kind of mitten love that only comes around once in your life.  So, what can I say?

pour l'amour de mitaines  :)

edited: stay tuned tomorrow for an important pajama update.


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