Sunday, December 19, 2010

Greetings from Fantasyland!

First of all, for the doubters, I wanted to share with you a paint-by-number that's hanging in my bedroom.   

Ah, isn't it lovely?   

Now let's talk about me!  

I am not a person who deals well with stress.  However, for reasons unclear to me, I habitually avoid heading in directions that would enable me to BE more relaxed and carefree.  To "kick back."  To "chill out."     Whenever I sense that I may be heading into some free time, I feel panic in my core even while outside I'm saying "Ahhh, finally I can sit!"

I am a mystery to myself.    

I came coasting toward Christmas with (almost) all of my 'list' taken care of, everyone's gifts made (or bought), my BIG project (it's very hush hush - sorry) is well on it's way...   and so I felt the need to suddenly sidle myself with a HUGE knitting deadline at the eleventh hour.  I decided I must try to get a pattern published for the Spring issue of a knitting magazine.   After further research, I found out that the whole design, written pattern, professional photographs, written diagrams, etc is due JANUARY 2nd!!!    

Very do-able.   I nod confidently to myself.  That gives me, gosh, about three weeks.  No problem.  I share my new idea with Michael.  

I ignore Michael's raised eyebrows and cast on for my sweater.  I have plenty of time to finish this, it's not like I've got all that much else to do.   

Of course there are other things to do.  Lots of other things.  Take care of the plants, for instance.  

Or the laundry.   

 I will not offend your sensibilities, reader, (yes I said reader -  I am not deluded enough to think that my readership is in the plurals yet)  (Hi Mom!) and show you pictures of my bathroom.     Good god, the bathroom!   

Why on earth can she not just put down the needles and scrub a toilet already? 

What?  Did you say something?  It's so extremely hard to hear you out here in Fantasyland...  come visit.


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