Thursday, December 2, 2010

I know now why the cobbler's children have no shoes...

and it's because shoes, or slippers in this case, are not all that easy to whip up.  At least, the stitching of the suede bottoms onto the wool sock part is not flying by for me.  And it's really kind of fiddly to get down into the toe part with that needle... Tricksy.
But oh, they are turning out so cute!   I cannot wait to see them on the boys this winter with their new matching pajamas.  (which are also in my "not yet finished" pile.  more on those in a later post!)
I have 1 pair just about sewn up and finished, and then I'll have to make myself immediately cast on for the second pair before I lose my nerve.  Because George deserves a pair just as much as Johann...  Tonight after all is quiet in the house, I'll do that.  Atleast the second pair is a size or two smaller, so they should go a bit faster.  Right? 
Mike asked for a pair when he saw Johann's coming along last night, and I laughed at him.  I just let out a big "ha!"  He looked confused, but he doesn't realize, I guess, how I'm teetering here on the edge of insanity in these weeks leading up to Christmas.  He'll know soon enough.   I know each morning when I wake up I must look a little stranger, a little more unraveled...  These late nights of knitting are starting to show :)

1 comment:

  1. They are adorable. Can't wait to see the little rascals running around in them.


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