Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Yarn Along Wednesday: So Colorful Socks and my First Crochet Project!

My first Wednesday yarn post since the beginning of the summer I think.  It would seem I'm not knitting much at all, but I am.  Once again, I find myself knitting behind the scenes on a project I'm excited to show you, but cannot - quite yet.  In the meantime, Here are some happy summer socks.  I lovvvve to knit socks in the summer, and take them everywhere with me.  It would be great to finish 5 or 6 pairs this summer.  I wonder if I could do that ....

And I thought I would show you my first "finished" crochet project.  "Finished" is sort of a dubious distinction, because really - it started out as a hat.  This one.  And if you know about me and my sad hat disability, then you already know that the hat came out quite on gauge, and yet freakishly large.   There was no other way for that to end for me.  

I have some sort of HUGE HAT curse upon me, and I cannot shake it.  Mike says I should knit hats for 3 - 6 month old infants and then they may fit a normal adult.  I am doubtful.

Anyway - when I started to rip back my sunny yellow crochet hat (no I wasn't crying.  Who told you that?!)
I realized that at some point it began to look like a sunny yellow doilie.  

And I quite liked it.

So I'm keeping it like that, and pretending that it was my intention all along.
I am very easy to fool.

And on the reading and books front:  I finished The Help this week, and really enjoyed reading.  I have already passed it on to my mother-in-law, and I recommend you read it if you haven't.  Right now I'm going through a Willa Cather kick.   I finished Oh Pioneers!  a couple of weeks ago, and then waited and waited for My Antonia to be returned to my local library.  It still has shown up, so instead I took out "The Song of the Lark" which I've only just begun, and then Mike got one of those new Pad things, and it has a Kindle App on it, so I was able to download (for free!) a copy of My Antonia to the Kindle.  I can only read it when he puts the Pad down himself (which is almost never) so that's been going slowly.   But I really like her writing.

Happy Wednesday to you!
Posted as a join-along with Ginny's Wednesday's with yarn and books over at Small Things.  Please feel free to link to your current projects as well.

Print by Caryn Lynn Duncan... an uber-talented artist I met at the Squam Art Fair last month.  She's amazing!


  1. I have a few of those large hats too. I was thinking of adding handles and turning them into market bags!
    The print is gorgous!xx

  2. Very nice summer socks, the colours are so cheerful! And I love the doily!! If you hadn't told me that it wasn't supposed to be a doily in the first place I would never have guessed. I wish my failed hat projects could have been turned into something remotely beautiful. But they just ended up in a bag for charity ^^

  3. I, too, would never have guessed that was anything other than a doily.

  4. Your crocheted doily is beautiful. I still don't have a finished project from the workshop yet! I have enjoyed reading your blog. Best wishes to you and your family. Mary from SAW

  5. @AnonymousAh Hi Mary! Good to hear from you! I still think of you sometimes jumping right into that lake, and wishing I had done it too.

  6. I think you're problem with hats my be a direct result of your Mennonite heritage. You're trying to make the kind of hats you grew up looking at. It's a beautiful doily though, and when visiting Lancaster County, voila', you can wear it. Mom m.e.


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