Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Yarn Along: Socks and Chocolate

Not a whole lot of knitting progress to show for myself this week - but that's the way it goes with the second sock.  the first sock is terribly exciting, and then the second sock is... well,

it's just the second sock.

So I'm plunking along.  the 1x1 rib is becoming a little tedious, but I'm determined to finish by the end of the week.

And my organic cotton just arrived for Elijah.  Many Elijah's actually.  A request from a friend for a new baby... and I am much more than happy to oblige!  Because how cute is Elijah?  And I'm going to put a little jingly bell in his butt, just for kicks, when he's all done and stuffed up.

And lastly, on the reading front, big exciting news!

We are reading aloud Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and Johann loves it!  I'm so thrilled to be reading these more involved chapter books together now, I can't even tell you how great it is to read at night and have him so engaged in the story.  He was really excited when Charlie Bucket got that golden ticket.  And so, so was I!

Whatcha making and reading this week?

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  1. Good luck with finish sock no. 2, you'll get there!
    Aw I know, Elijah is the cutest. One day I'm going to have to have one too!
    Happy knitting, and reading!

  2. Yay! I love Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - such a fun read!

    You are so close on that second sock - they look great. Thanks for the reminder that I need to finish my Elijah...oops...

  3. Now, I always find the second sock a breeze to knit since I've made notes of what I did for the first one. Hmmm...isn't that funny?!

    Though I've seen both movie adaptations, I don't think I've ever read the book.

  4. That's why I knit both socks at once! Of course, when the fit doesn't come out just right, there's more frogging to do. :(

    Dropping in from Yarn Along. My link is

  5. Love Charlie and the Chocolate Factory!!

  6. Lovely - I haven't attempted socks yet. I felt overjoyed when I finished a mitten and then realized I still had a second to do.

  7. Charlie and the CF is one of my favorites along with Matilda. I enjoyed when my kids were old enough to get to "meatier" books. I love your socks!

  8. Thank you for the free Corinne sweater pattern, hope your sister loved it.

  9. Those socks are not just fabulous, they're SUPER FABULOUS. I love the colours. Happy socks. And funky. I haven't knit any socks yet, but perhaps I should give it a try while I still have little ones with little feet.


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