Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Our new feathered friends

Welcome Cathy, Peg, Deb, Celia, Lucille, and Chicken Lill!  
We are now the proud owners of 3 rhode island reds, and 3 araucanas, and we have been really enjoying getting to know our new feathered family members!  

(I found George perched next to their box on the porch, reading them a story the other day) 

Birds are a brand new thing for us, and we have been doing our best to make them feel welcome... we made them a chicken treat to hang in their brooder (a temporary home which they are FAST out-growing),
and Mike (and his father) are hard at work making a fantastic chicken coop (which they'll be inhabiting soon).  

Can't wait to have eggs right from our own backyard!


  1. A-MAZING! That really is a chicken mansion.

  2. i love the chickens! i'm curious about their names? my school has a one-year old community garden and as of this summer, we've got 10 chickens out there. so fun! i love your blog posts. they tell me you're the same fabulous you. :-)

  3. @Ms. Schaudel
    Well, Cathy/Peg/Deb/and Celia were the women working in the office at the JofPeace the day we got married. They were our only witnesses, and I joke that they were sort of my bridesmaids ;) Lucille is named after my mother-in-law, and chicken Lill is named after the woman who watches the boys for me during the week. I've been keeping tabs on you too with your summer photos, dear! Glad to hear you're back safe and sound in CA. xo

  4. How beautiful your girls are and I know you are enjoying them. I love all of mine and consider them part of the family [much to my children's embarrassment].xx

  5. That is some chicken coop! I wish we could have chickens as well, but where we live...not sure if they would 'allow' it. Huh?


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