Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Starting the week off with a boom!

A return from a lovely, blissful even, holiday weekend at home (my favorit-est place to be) and BOOM!

The week's off and running.

We went as a three-some this morning (minus the J dude) to the pediatric neurologist, and got a confirmed diagnosis of epilepsy for little-G.  I have mixed feelings.  Relief (because that diagnosis has been hanging in the air for a while and it's a relief to know what's happening for sure) and worry (because of course - it's also a frightening diagnosis in a lot of ways) but back to relief (because both M and I loved the Dr. - she spent an hour and a half with us, because her next patient was a no-show apparently) and had a personality (so rare in our experiences with Dr's. lately) and a pleasant one at that, and genuine, and very relate-able.   She gave me a lot of reading homework for our next visit.  M and I both left feeling really good - so for that I'm glad.

And then as we were heading back to work this morning, I had a voicemail from a big job I applied for last week.  And I spoke with the woman and ended up setting up an interview for tomorrow morning (!!)  She said I should plan on being at the hospital for at least a couple of hours and taking a test (dread) - so now I suddenly have to mentally prepare myself for an interview.  I don't interview well, so I'm feeling anxious a teensy bit.

So - BOOM.  This week has begun in a big way.  Hope I can keep up.  At least I had 5 summer-fun-filled lazy days at home to fill my heart/soul/body with energy to return to the world.  To hit the ground running :)

Hope your week is off to a great start.  I'll be back tomorrow.  This time with some knitting (yes - I still do knit, even though it's been absent from the blog lately) and I'll show you the books I've been reading, and maybe I'll even share the new ice cream flavor we made yesterday with you :) 

P.S.  The photos above were taken during our recent trip up to Maine; the inaugural trip for our pop-up camper, a family reunion, and a visit with some friends in Belgrade.  Isn't that farm lovely?


  1. Wow, looks like a great trip. I want to go back to Maine so badly. Epilepsy? Little Georgie? Poor guy. I had a high school teacher who I just recently saw that has a daughter with very serious epilepsy. It has taken them five years to figure out but she is completely seizure free with a very regimented, special diet and no medications.

  2. Lovely pictures! Maine is beautiful. And I didn't realize that your little one had seizures, but I'm glad they gave you a diagnosis! I'm thrilled that you like your doctor; that makes dealing with an illness SO much easier.

    Good luck with your job interview! You'll do great!

  3. Thank you both for your comments. I feel very encouraged with this new dr... the last 4 dr's we spoke to have either given us conflicting information, or left us with a bad impression, so I'm feeling hopeful we're on a better path now in respect to G's health :)

  4. Diagnoses are incredibly reassuring, because once you can put a name to "it" you can research the hell out of "it." Congrats finding a neuro with a personality- that IS hard.

    I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for tomorrow, as well. Hope you hear good news!


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