Monday, July 25, 2011

When the times are tough

... apparently I blog.

July is kicking me while I'm down, and I'm having trouble getting "up"


thought it might do me some good to do my usual Monday gratitude post.

So here we go.

1.  I am ever so thankful to have just been hired by the same hospital where I delivered my beautiful boy George.  It seems like it's going to be a great environment to work in, with a great group of people.  I'm so lucky to have a new job in a time when new jobs are hard to come by.

2.  I am grateful to be a mama.  Even though I am finding it an extremely hard job right now.  Almost too hard.   In that "my heart is walking around outside my body" kind of painful way.

3.  I am grateful for the chicken babies.  They are making me smile and laugh, as we watch their strange chicken behaviors.  Better than TV, these chicks are.   And why are they always pecking my freckles?  I wish they would stop that.  And also grateful for a husband and father-in-law willing to devote an entire weekend to building these chickens not a coop, but an outright luxury chicken condomineum.  This coop is sort of fantastic!  (more on that soon)

4.  Grateful for swimming pools on days that are ridiculous-hot.   105 degrees in New Hampshire.  That, for sure, is ridiculous!

5.  Gratitude for my friend Sam who clued me in to a local super market that is uber-cheaper than the ones I had been shopping at.  yay for saving money!!   My groceries cost me about $65 less than they normally do.  I wanted to clap my hands and do a dance in the checkout lane, but I didn't (I'll save that for my elder senile years... they're coming.  Oh yes, and they're going to be a hoot!)

6.  Grateful for yarn.  It comforts me in my times of need.  And pretty new fabric (a surprise from my husband on a day I really needed a lovely surprise)

7.  Grateful for my husband.  He too, comforts me in my times of need.  Perhaps he should have been #6, actually. 

8.  Grateful for my mother-in-law who comes to visit, and is willing to watch the children so that #7 and I can go out for a much needed date night.  This week, that entailed gobbling down a pizza in the car on the way to see Harry Potter #7.   It was awesome.  And super scary, I think.

9.  Wow, I'm at #9 already, and I am feeling better.  I'm not saying I will smile today, but it's now seeming more and more possible.  Ok #9 -
           I am thankful for iced tea, and watermelon, and hot dogs on the grill.  And corn on the cob, and tomato/mozzarella/basil salads.  And nutella.  On warm bread. 

10.  Lastly, thankful for the beautiful mountains here in New Hampshire, as I find myself continuing to look out my office window, and daydream about how beautiful they are, and wishing I were there right now.   Soon, I think.  We'll have to go back soon, or I'm frankly going to lose it.


  1. George's helmet is awesome.

    Will you help me on my quest to become an extreme couponer? I want to so badly but also just don't care enough.

  2. @Martinwish I could help, but I never use coupons. I've never seen coupons for the things I want to buy. and especially not for fresh fruits and vegetables, or flour, or hmm... the "ingredients" that real food is made from. I see a lot for "fruit gushers", and for "cap'n crunch", and for the latest cleaning product that no one really needs. and thank you - I'll send you a swimming helmet if I find one ;)

  3. Great post and a good reminder. I might borrow this idea on one of *those* days.

  4. Love this! Congratulations on your new job! And our chickens (not babies anymore) still peck my freckles. Try to break them of it now; it hurts a lot worse when they're bigger!

    I'm especially loving your #5, because I, too, found a new grocery store this week, and we saved about $65.00 off our usual grocery costs. Whoo hoo!

    Great pictures and a great list! Hoping you feel better soon!

  5. @Kimberly

    Hurray for cheaper groceries! Now... how do you help a chicken break a bad habit, I'm wondering?

  6. What wonderful things for which to be thankful. It so lifts your spirits when you focus on listing those things and not just on how you 'feel'. What is the title of that Willa Cather? And what will you make with all that lovely Quince yarn?

  7. @Ellen
    Hi Ellen, The Willa Cather is The Song of the Lark. So far, just as good as the rest of hers I've read, though I'm not that far into it yet. and the Quince is a sweater-to-be for my oldest. Going to get started on it right after I finish the knitted vests I'm working on right now. Thanks for coming by.


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