Monday, February 21, 2011

I wish I had his daring and independent fashion sense...

his ability to instantly become an ice explorer and expert mountain climber simply by grasping a stick and
trekking to the top of a snow pile in the front yard.  

 I saw a lecture on Youtube that said 98% of kindergartners score at genius level on Divergent Thinking skills  (unfortunately those scores decline rapidly each year thereafter).    I hope he retains as much of those skills as possible as he gets older.    

Right now, it's sort of like living with Willy Wonka.    Well, two of them, actually.

(is there anybody in there?)


  1. Crystal, great pics. Loving the glasses especially. Did the YouTube video say what could be done, if anything, to perpetuate the the high level on divergent thinking skills?

  2. Yes, he loves those heart shaped glasses! I think a lot of the decline just occurs naturally during the normal learning process. The more we know, the less creative we have to be... in other words, I know now what a hairbrush is for, so I'm not as inclined to invent a new use for one when I see one. And there is knowledge/information overload today, so our divergent thinking skills may be declining faster as a result. I think, personally, that we may be encouraging children to conform though in instances when they really don't have to... like what they wear, and how they play, what colors they prefer, what toys they choose. They learn from peer pressure too of course, to conform quickly or suffer the consequences. I think it would be so great to see more quirky individualists out there in the adult world :) in their own heart-shaped glasses.

  3. Adorable! Snow is so much fun!

    ...and Congratulations Crystal! You've won a set of stitch markers in the Giveaway at Affectioknit!... me at

  4. @Crystal A little delayed, but thanks for the explanation. And so true, I am sitting here right now watching my 3 year old lay in front of our franklin stove, making shapes with her fingers and singing Compassion off the Baby in Bliss CD. I realize that I don't need to do anything but let her be, just let her create and imagine.
    Also, I may just don a new pair of heart shaped sunglasses in principle to enhance my own creativity. Thanks, Crystal.


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