Monday, February 14, 2011

--- 39 Things I love about you ---

1.  I love your generous heart.
2.  I love your thick black hair.
3.  I love your amazing musical talent.
4.  I love you as the caring, loving, devoted father of our sons.
5.  I love the way you cook mexican food for me.
6.  I love that you snowblow that huge driveway so I can pull my car out easily.
7.  I love that you sometimes come along to the beach in the summer even though I know you don't like the beach that much.
8.  I love that you're willing to build a chicken coop for me, even though it might be a passing fancy.
9.  I love that you put up with my passing fancies.
10.  I love your strong shoulders.
11.  I love how gentle you are with our pets.
12.  I love how you believe in and look for the best in everyone you meet.
13.  I love that you are almost always smiling.

14.  I love that strangers seem to love to tell you their whole life story, and you love to listen.
15.  I love that you support me in my creative endeavors.
16.  I love that you take care of me when I'm sick.
17.  I love that you love your mother a lot.
18.  I love that you love to have breakfast with your grandfather, and that you two have such a special relationship together.
19.  I love that our children have the blessing of knowing your grandfather.
20.  I love that you laugh with my mom and dad, and are willing to play "chase the rat" when they come to visit.
21.  I love that you love my sister.
22.  I love that you enjoy spending guy time with the boys, building stuff, and going places without me.  
23.  I love that you would never think of saying something hurtful to someone else.
24.  I love that you wake up each morning sort of reluctantly and are pretty grumpy until you shower.
25.  I love the way you smell after you shave.
26.  I love your big eyes, especially when you have that mischievous look you have a lot.
27.  I love that you won't get rid of that old rusty good-for-nothing pick-up truck.
28.  I love that you're up for anything, and that leads to many weird adventures and strange obsessions that we enjoy together... like Twin Peaks, and the month of endless popcorn, and that Origami thing we went through.
29.  I love that you are a horrible, just terrible dancer, and still - you dance.  (but just for me)
30.  I love that you sometimes embark on reading a book, but you never get past the first chapter.
31.  I love that you're obsessed with guitars, and music, and chords, and tonality, and modes, and other strange music-related things.
32.  I love that you are neurotic about never being late for anything, so that we sometimes arrive uncomfortably early for social events.
33.  I love your entrepreneurial spirit.  You're daring, and very brave, and that inspires me.
34.  I love that you have worked so hard to make such a great life for us here in our new home.
35.  I love that you untangle my unsolvable yarn knots for me.
36.  I love that you ask me where your wallet is every day.
37.  I love that you can figure out how to fix anything.
38.  I love that you see the best in me, and put up with my many "worsts"
You know me better than I know myself most of the time, which helps me sort myself out when I feel all mixed up.

39.  I love that you are my most faithful and closest friend and that I have never had the slightest bit of doubt that I will always be able to count on you when I need you.

I love you, my forever Valentine!


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