Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Mittens and Paper cuts

Good morning!

This week I'm working on making dozens and dozens of tiny mittens - a mitten garland slash Advent calendar.  Find the free pattern here if you want, but it's really just a basic mitten, made over and over
and over again, and it's using up all of my random scrap balls and left-over bits that I never know what
to do with.  The fun part will be putting little gifts and notes inside each one... I'm looking forward to that
part.  Not that I'm not enjoying knitting dozens and dozens of tiny mittens, but I am thinking ahead about
what I'll put inside them.  Little notes that say - Hot Chocolate time!  Let's go for a ride and look at the lights!  Time to bake cookies!   Let's make a paper chain today!  Christmas Movies and popcorn tonight!

yep - I'm looking forward to all of that.

Not to skip ahead of Thanksgiving - which I am also very much looking forward to!   But to be a knitter
you really must plan ahead much farther than other people.  Because it takes longer.  More prep time.

Other knitting update - the handwarmers are done, and are employed at my desk in the office where they
are doing much good keeping my hands toasty and allowing me to type at the same time. 

Lastly, the only thing I'm reading this week is this book I got from our library on Scherenschnitte...  which I hope to tell you more about tomorrow.  I've been working on some things - some papery things.

Linking up with Ginny at Small Things.

and speaking of small things - Here are Johann's first bits of hand knitting.   We are both extremely
proud of these, let me tell you. He took the picture too, and wanted very much to be a part of today's blog post to show you all what he's been working on too this week.
Love my new little knitter :)

Happy W(inds)day.



  1. Love the hand knitting!!! A fine job!! (I've wanted to do that little advent mitten garland for years for my daughter--and waited too long--she made her own!!! Hope you don't mind me sharing your little notes with her.)

  2. I love that papercutting book. I've put it on hold so many times at my library, the librarians are probably tired of me doing so. And the mitten garland is such a neat idea. Thanks for the link.

  3. I mean, I had a crafty mom who lovvveeed Advent calendars even as an athiest but the mittens stuffed with notes that say 'hot chocolate time' you're killing me. Out of this world awesomeness.

  4. What a great idea - I might have to see if I could do some crochet mittens = for next year of course!

    And: please pass on my congratulations to Johann on his knitting projects. They look like they would make great bookmarks! Looking forward to his progress in knitting. (I am inspired to try it again!)

  5. I LOVE that Johann is knitting. Would Johann make a bookmark or cute worm for Christmas. It would be cherished.

  6. i have been wanting a handknit advent calendar for years and did start,but now i think it have to wait until next year.
    it is so nice to see a new knitter in action, what a great job johann did with knitting and the camera!

  7. Oh, tiny mittens, how cute! Love them :)

    Your handwarmers look great too :)

  8. Happy Windsday to you too! The mitten garland is a wonderful idea. Keep up the great work Johann.

  9. i love your mitten advent calendar, it's so cute and will be so much fun to fill (i'd be axious for that part too!)
    hand warmers look lovely and are such a good invention.
    and congratulations johann! beautiful job, that really is something to be proud of! and nice photo too!

  10. Those mittens are great! It'll be such a cute finished project and all out of scraps! Nothing better.


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