Monday, November 7, 2011

the trees, trees, trees came down, down, down!

Well, we lost a bunch (!) of oak trees in the late October snow storm that came on Halloween.

We were fortunate that nothing fell on the roof, which is always a concern, living underneath the pine giants that we do.

One other thing we are grateful for following the storm is a new (if temporary) play area that the fallen trees have made for the boys.
They are having a blast climbing around on the tree branches, and swinging from the limbs.  And without the risk of falling from a dangerous height, we are watching them explore and climb and pretend to their hearts' content.  They come inside smiling from ear to ear, smelling like fresh air and trees -


  1. Sorry your trees lost their lives, but the boys look adorable climbing
    around like Mountain Explorers on them. I wish I could smell them.
    Kiss them for M.E.M.E.

  2. Letting them climb the fallen trees is a great idea! Sorry about the loss of trees, but glad everyone stayed safe!


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