Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Yarn Along: Hand Warmers

A nice week for knitting and reading.

The darkness of the power outage, and the dark nights that left me a little bit bored (in a good way!) and thumbing through random books on my shelf, led me to pull Tennyson and sit in the dark reading the long poem Enoch Arden for the first time.  A romantic tale of a shipwrecked sailor, who cannot return to his lovely wife and babies - and a triangle, and of dying heartbroken.  Sniff.  It was a good one.  I never pull these types of books from my shelf unless I'm bored and don't know what to do with myself, or what I feel like reading.  That's a shame.  I am always pleasantly surprised, and then I wonder - why on earth don't I read Tennyson more often?

This week I reshelved Tennyson, and pulled down Leaves of Grass instead.  I read a letter that Tennyson wrote to Whitman, so then I thought - yes, I haven't read him either lately.

So now I am - even though the lights are back on, and I've got plenty of knitting and other projects going that keep me busy in the evening.  
Sometimes, you need to stop and just read some good poetry.

In knitting news, I finally cast on for the handwarmers I set my mind on, and they are moving right along.  How lovely to not have to bother with the tedium of finger-knitting in a mitten and just stop at the palm!  I can't wait to wear them to work!

And what's on your night stand?  I'm still looking for my next good novel - something nice and thick. 
Haven't found anything yet.

Linking with Ginny at Small Things.

*** The yarn I'm using for my handwarmers is Lucia yarn by Stephanie at DirtyWaterDyeworks.  I am completely in love with the colors in the yarn, and the way they are working up in the finished mitten.  You can find her and her beautiful yarn here:



  1. I love poetry and try to read a little each week.
    As far as a good novel, I have had my eye on Dovekeepers for awhile now. someone was reading it on a past yarn along and gave it good reviews.

  2. That looks like such a lovely spot to knit and read in. Wonderful soft lighting and a view too. What is the yarn that you're using for the handmitts?

  3. I love the mitts- and the color is beautiful. You knitting nook is somewhere I could easily sit and knit at.

  4. I like the mitts.

    Glad you got your power back.

  5. loving those mitts, such great coloured yarn xx

  6. Those mittens look perfect for some late night or early morning knitting comfort. Pretty colours.
    Enjoy knitting and wearing.

  7. i love the simplicity of your hand warmers, they are so useful i think. the wool is really pretty too, all shades of green. love w.w.


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