Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Yarn Along: My Many Colored Vests

Joining Ginny's Yarn Along again today... although I may be ready to admit publicly that I've crossed over into that kind of knitter the Yarn Harlot speaks of who likes the idea of reading books, but actually never does it anymore.  After seeing this one on a lot of other reading lists lately, I checked Oh Pioneer's out of the library this weekend, but I haven't cracked it open yet.  Instead, the only kind of reading I've been fully immersed in so far this week is intensely pouring over lace patterns and lace stitch ideas for a new project idea I have.  Ah well... I'll try to start it this week.  I'm sure it's a good read :)

And the boys checked out My Many Colored Days... which is also a favorite of mine, given the many many moods these younguns (and I) can move through in any given week (or day). 

To go along with our many colored days and moods, I have been busy knitting up some many colored vests for these young gentlemen of mine.  George wanted to wear his right away (he loves a good vest!) and went outside to help his dad with the yardwork.  His job was picking up all of the many pinecones laying about in the yard.

When J saw G's vest, he wanted one too... so I've begun a larger version in a variegated green.  I hadn't intended on making him one too, but it's a good thing to try out my pattern on a larger size... helps me work out the pattern more clearly each time I re-knit it.

That's all for us this week, it's been too nice outside to read, I guess. Today's a nice rainy day, so maybe I'll finally start my book this evening.


  1. I think my weather might be ok for vests in the winter, since looking at the ones you made has me wanting to knit one too. I think the gentlemen in my house would like it.

  2. They look great! I want a little boy to knit vests for more than I can say!

  3. I love those vests! So great! I'm hoping to getting some vest knitting very soon. I love the beautiful blue!

  4. i love vests! they're so practical and they look great. bet your boys love them!


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