Thursday, April 7, 2011

Showering the bride

The event: THE Shower

The place: my mother's

The day: last Saturday

The theme: Sugar  
(see below)


Yessir, we like our sugar and baked goods in Pennsylvania Dutch Country! 

 the bride arrives!

we gave her a minute to read over the questions she'll have to answer in front of everyone...

 and then D fired questions at her in her version of the Newlywed Game.  She's trying to remember simple things like: what kind of music she likes, and what movie she saw last.
So far - she's not doing so good.  (she was nervous)

lovely ladies :)

more lovely ladies :)

and the lovely Aunts.
(aren't their tops so perfectly Spring colored?)

opening gifts

 ze "poofs" 

see this link if you want to make some too - 

 and lastly, my fellow bridesmaids getting silly with ribbon and bows.


  Boy was it fun to get away for a weekend!
(oh!  the un-interrupted sleeping I did!!  a little luxury!)

And, you know, I LOVE my guy.  But here's a little chuckle for you.

He told me on the car ride home that he had cleaned the whole house.

I got excited.

and then

I opened the front door and walked into the dining room.


but in his defense - it looked like this when I left too


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