Monday, April 18, 2011

Gratitude Monday

It helps to count your blessings on a Monday morning -  some Monday's in particular sort of require it (like LAST Monday), but then there are some beautifully sunny Monday's where it's sort of easy..

1.   I'm thankful for a restful, restorative weekend at home.  We were all healthy, all outside enjoying the days.  We got dirty, we got sandy, we got sweaty... we cut down trees and stacked wood (well - Mike did), we made a bon fire and burnt the scraps.  We checked the compost, we took long bike rides...  It was good to be OUT.
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2.  I'm thankful for the first sunny Wash Monday ... on which I hung out the first whites on the line.   Missed my washline this winter, and I'm remembering today how much I love the smell of our lavender wash soap :)   Love spinning the pulley and hanging each piece up while I listen to my lovely windchimes and the nearby birds.

3.   I'm thankful for 2 growing boys - one grew an inch and a half in less than a year (!?).   G was SO proud of himself - wizzing by me on his bike without ANY help this year.   He was going so fast sometimes around corners he was up, completely off of one trike wheel.  He was a happy kid this weekend.

4.   I'm thankful for a young man who will come to me while his brother is napping and ask if it's craft time?  Yesterday he wanted to do embroideroy (rhymes with corderoy), so we got out our wooden frames and thread and sat in the sunny dining room together quietly sewing up and down and chatting about school, and friends, and robots (always robots!).

5.  I'm thankful to see the clearing grow between our house and the water... thanks to Mike's tireless efforts this weekend and last.   I now have a pretty lovely view from my craft room upstairs of our neighboring pond, and the geese, and the occasional beaver.  

6.  I'm thankful for a welcome invitation to go away for a bit next weekend, and have dinner with friends!!!  And coincidentally thankful that my teacher gave us an unexpected week off next weekend for the holiday, even though we were scheduled to have class! 

7.  Lastly, I'm thankful for the big basketload of sock yarn I'm expecting to arrive any day now from Happy Knits.... LOVE Happy Knits.  If you find you need more yarn (and who doesn't) go shop - they're wonderful!!  And so is their yarn selection - Delicious!

Happy Monday to you :)


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