Tuesday, March 1, 2011

New Lovelies!

Hello!  We have some melting going on today and I'm happy about that!

There is so much frantic dead-line knitting going on around here, but I am not going to panic (yet).  I'll
let you know when it's time to commence panic-ing.  Not yet.  But be ready.

And as I do, when I'm feeling a time crunch, I've been easing the stress by day-dreaming about projects for this Spring.  And doing a small, wee bit, of shopping.  Just a wee bit...

This lovely pile will be a new quilt for our guest bedroom...

It's Wild Thyme, by Carolyn Gavin and Lilla Rogers for P&B Textiles.  Isn't it so... ahhh!  Love it!

And this will be a new skirt for me:

That's Nature Walk by Cloud 9 Organics. 

And finally - some pants for the boys...

too cute!  Ready,Set,Go! by Robert Kaufman.

Can't wait to get sewing :)

And if you're really anxious for Spring like I am - you should head on over to Rhythm of the Home.  The Spring edition came out today, and I will be pouring over it most of the morning - it's sure to be a great issue!

And finally - just some random photos of J and I playing peek-a-boo.  We were going a little stir crazy this weekend.


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