Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Nature Walk ::: with George

The temperature rose to 60 degrees this weekend, so we threw open the windows excitedly and then G and I embarked on a "Looking for Signs of Spring Nature Walk".    Today, let's go for that walk again together!

First, let's stop by and say hello to G's chipmunk friends.  They live in there.

But ... no, nobody's home today.  Oh well.  Let's keep moving, shall we?

Wait - what do we have here?

Little daffodils?  Yep!  Don't step on them.  Try not to step on them.  Well - OK, go ahead and step on them...

Gosh - they're everywhere aren't they?  It is hard not to walk on them, when they're hiding like that :)

Now - let's walk!  Much more to see...

You will notice, lot's of mud and puddles right now.  That's a good thing.  Of course, when we see a puddle, it's important to get in there.  Really look around, feel the water, carefully measure the squishiness to make sure it's right.

Yep!  This one's OK.  Let's go!

Now let's visit the cows.  They're just over here.

Don't worry about the fence - it's more to keep the cows in, than to keep us out.  You really can't see our cow friends unless you're standing properly on the fence.  Hello Cow Friends!   Why are you way down there?

 Hello!!?  OK, they're not coming.  Let's go check out that rock!  Goodbye cows!

This is a good rock.   Actually, all rocks are good rocks, and the best thing to do with a rock is to climb it.  Everyone knows that.

Of course... Hmph...  some rocks.... ech...... are trickier to climb,  ugh..... than they look.

But proper rock climbers know to persevere.    Eventually any summit can be achieved!

Remember to enjoy the view for a moment.

And that concludes our Looking for Signs of Spring Nature Walk today!!!

Join us tomorrow for "Making Things with Needles and String".

In the meantime ... check out the little Spring flower children she made - they are so adorable!

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  1. Kids really know how to do "walks" right, don't they? You have done a wonderful job of capturing the magical walkless walks of childhood :-)


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