Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Yarn Along: A lacy little thing

I have been knitting.   For about - oh - 10 minutes every evening after work, before my eyes go
bleary, and I start to forget what row I'm on.  I try to put my work down before that happens, because
with this particular project - well, things can get a bit hairy if I forget what row I'm working on.  Which
I do often.

I've started to write down on a sticky note where I was when I left, so that I know where to start when I pick
it back up.

I'm working on a double bordered lace scarf, adapted from a pattern originally published in 1904.  I found it in Victorian Lace Today, by Jane Sowerby.  It's a beautiful piece, but I quickly realized why the pattern says "experienced lace".  When I started this one, I was a little cocky about my lace knitting skills, and then I realized perhaps I'm not quite as masterful with lace as I may have thought I was.  This piece kicked me hard in the hind region.  I had to get in line quickly, or give up.  I pulled out my markers, which I had originally thought I wouldn't need.  And I marked the Right Side row, because I kept forgetting which was the right side, and that was, it turns out, absolutely essential information.

I got so frustrated with this little lace scarf, that I actually put it away for about 2 years (!!!) and only recently felt OK about pulling it out of obscurity and giving it another go.

So here we go.

And now that I've put my markers in, and remember to jot down where I am when I stop for the evening, things are rolling along a lot smoother.  So far.  I think I may actually finish this soon.  Which would be good.  Because even though I lost the yarn marker (that's what happens when you shove something away for 2 years) I am almost 100% positive that this lovely yarn is 100% cashmere.  I remember vaguely splurging on some cashmere a while back, and I think this was the project I splurged on.

It feels heavenly in my hands, and I can't wait to wear it.  I wonder what else I'll find shoved in my stash.  ?!  Soon, I'll start planning the Christmas presents, and that is always an exciting time!   As soon as I finish this, I'll start thinking about that...

p.s. The book On the Night You Were Born was a present from Nonni for George's 4th birthday.  What a beautiful little book, with such a nice message.  You are special, and unique, and there has never been anyone like you in the whole world.  Love it.

It fits with this year's motto which I've been trying to keep in mind each day which is:

You Are Enough.

So hard for me to remember that.  I always feel like I'm not  quite enough.  Not quite thin enough.  Not quite smart enough.  My house/car/lawn is not quite tidy enough.   It's trickersome.

Anyway -
What are you working on this week, lovely readers?

thank you for stopping by,

posted along with Ginny over at Small Things.  


  1. What a lovely motto :) And your lace is exquisite! You might look into a lifeline just so you can frog if necessary- I know a lot of knitters who do large lace projects swear by them :)

  2. That piece of knitting is one of the most beautiful items I have ever seen and I say that from the bottom of my heart! xx

  3. Your lace is beautiful...I have just ventured into my first tiny bit of lacework on a cardigan, and it was fun, although I still lack the nerve to plunge into anything more challenging yet. In time perhaps!

  4. I LOVE this book. It chokes me up everytime I read it.

    Beautiful scarf!

    Working on socks...

  5. Such a beautiful pattern and color - they complement one another so well.

  6. What a beautiful scarf! I wish I could make something so pretty!

    I received a copy of "On the Night You Were Born" when my oldest was born. I tear up every time I read it- what an amazing message for kids of all ages!

  7. oh my that is absoultely gorgeous, i love your scarf. the color is perfect for it too, as well as the cashmere. i was going to ask if you used lifelines too, i couldn't go one pattern repeat on it without one! plus markers, postits, and counters! it is so beautiful and going to be so worth it!

  8. @Kimberly

    Aw - thank you!

    And the book chokes me up too! Not as much as "love you forever" I can't even make it through that one.


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