Monday, September 12, 2011

4 Years Old

Happy Birthday to my sweet George.

I can't believe how quickly you've grown up.  How you seem to have magically turned from
my tiny baby into a little guy waving to me as you walk into school while holding hands with your
first teacher.

You are a bundle of energy, and curiosity, and I get excited every time I see you smile.  You smile like your daddy.
Big, and honest, and full of light in your eyes.
I love that!

I love you!

I think when you're grown someday, you'll be a public speaker.  You know how to engage a crowd, and to speak with intense enthusiasm.  And you can carry on for great lengths of time on any given topic that
piques your present interest.

I love being in your company, and it's been a pleasure learning who you are and what you're all about, these last four years.

I blinked.  And you're running around out there in the big world without me.

p.s. Thank you for still running back to me when you fall down and you need me.

p.p.s  (also when you find a super big spider or a crazy big toad)

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  1. Happy birthday to your sweet boy! Great pictures!


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