Monday, June 20, 2011

Monday: list of happy

happy for :::

- a toddler so wiped out by a lovely weekend that he fell fast asleep (almost in mid-sentence) last night on the kitchen floor.  Poor tired babe - that's the mark of a weekend well-spent, I think.

- a first-trip-of-the-season to our favorite beach.  A windy and cloudy day, but a day at the beach all the same.  Wave jumping, cloud-watching, sand-digging, picnic-eating, and yes (I am so weak) ice cream cones all around at the end.  

- more work (oh much more work!!) completed on the camper.  We'll be heading out on our inaugural campout very shortly, so the repairs and renovations have moved into fever-pitch mode in the last 48 hours.  And it's coming along...  white paint everywhere (bye bye dark wood paneling - blech!), new curtains, hardware, new bench covers, it's gonna look  *nice*  :)

- and along with the camper work - plans and plans are being made for the upcoming family camping reunion.   I want to have a tentative itinerary in place by mid-week, so I'm busy working that out too.

- J is no longer a pre-schooler and had his last day of school this past week.  He loved going to school (Mom is it a school day today?!) and was always so excited to jump out of the car when we pulled up, and his teacher was such a lovely, caring, and warm woman.   I'm so grateful his first young steps into school were such a delightful experience for him.  Now - he's a Kindergartener (a mark of distinction he does not take lightly.  It's kind of a big deal)

- I found a mother strawberry plant at our favorite farmstand and we're now plotting out the best place for next year's strawberry patch...  The woman told me that a strawberry patch can produce for 30 years!  I plant the mother plant, and the offshoots (the daughters) will root themselves in the garden around her, and then form new plants.  and so on, and so on.  So we're trying to plot it well, and not be too haphazard with the placement.  The problem is, the area in our yard that would probably be best, has a number of trees that need to come down first, so for now, the mother is patiently waiting in her pot, and will probably stay there for quite a while.

- I passed my certification exam with a 90%.  I got the results on Wednesday and have been inner-celebrating every since.  Now moving right along to the job search.   I just need to find something with the perfect mix of flexibility, a convenient commute, a pleasant work atmosphere, friendly co-workers, and a challenging and stimulating without being overwhelming workload (yes - I'm coming to terms with the fact that I may be searching for this "dream job" for a long while)

- celebrating my husband this weekend, and the extraordinary father he is.  truly.   If ever a man was adored by his 2 sons, he is.  and rightly so. 

- and finally, celebrating the first farmer's market saturday of the summer (hooray!) and also the first CSA share of the summer.  Eggs, maple syrup, radishes, arugula, herbs, and more.   Bring on the veggies :)  It's been a long winter here in New England.  And on that note, our garden's looking good too.  The tomatoes especially are much happier this year in their new raised bed.  They didn't do well at all last year in the bed by the side of the house, so this year we planted the broccoli, and pumpkins, and cucumbers and beans there, which are all doing much better than the tomatoes ever did.   location, location, location.  

                                                    * A happy week to all of you!  *


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