Thursday, March 15, 2012

On Bananas...

He wants to eat them right after I buy them.
When they are still green.
I tell him - "No - not ready"
He shouts in protest.
I say "Fine - eat it - you'll see..."

He eats a bite,
spits it out on the table and walks away.
I purse my lips, and breathe.
I pick up the banana and begin cutting slices of it onto my cereal.


The next day...
He asks for a banana.
I say "OK" - and I give him one.
"It's mushy"
"What do you mean it's mushy?  It's perfect!  Eat it!"
"Nope, mushy"

He spits it out on the table and walks away.
I growl,
I mumble something to myself about crazy children and perfect bananas,
and I eat the leftovers...


10 minutes later....

He enters the room and asks for a banana.
My eyes widen in disbelief.
I say "No way! No sir!
I just gave you a banana and you spit it out."
He pleads for a banana.
 "Please mama!  Please!"

I close my eyes, a silent prayer to the universe for patience.
I open my eyes.

I hand him a banana.

It has a small, brown spot.
He immediately rejects it.
I tell him "Give me the banana
and I will cut off the brown part"

He is skeptical but he hands it over.
I cut off the offending brown-ness.
I inspect the remainder of the banana thoroughly
for anymore brown spots.
I hand it back to him.
He looks it over, and walks off with it,
apparently satisfied.


A few minutes later...
I go outside to check on him.
He is playing on the swingset.
I look down.

a completely untouched banana lying in the grass beside
the swing...


1 comment:

  1. Too funny!
    I have one son who will only eat bananas if they are green and one who will only eat them if they are completely ripe. Crazy kids! :)


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