Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Making Mittens

I have been knitting quite a bit lately... Just small things, mittens... hats... more hats...  Those mittens are made from Berocco Remix - a 100% recycled mixed fiber yarn, it's so soft, and I love the colors it comes in.  And you know that I love that it's 100% recycled too... And the hat is a new thing I'm tinkering with... more details when it's done...

I think I keep grabbing small projects mostly because I have a bunch of yummy yarn that I want to make into sweaters for different members of the family, but I haven't found the right patterns yet.  So while I sit and stare at my yarn piles and try to figure out what to turn them into, I'm keeping my hands busy knitting away at hats and mittens, and also I think, this guy next...  So cute!  Of course, I'll have to make two.  And oddly enough, he's been a project-on-hold for a while because of all the yarn I do have in my stash, I don't have anything white, or even close to white.  I guess I don't usually like white.    And I don't feel like spending money on yarn right now, so I guess I'm waiting for a white yarn to appear in my yarn closet (yes, I said yarn closet).  I don't suppose that's likely to happen... but who knows?

And thanks to a new friend I made at work, I have been reading books much more often and even participating in a book club.   I'm so glad to be part of a book club, I love to talk about the books I've read with other readers so that's a happy addition to my pretty sparse social calendar.   Last month's book was The Language of Flowers, and then we read the Dovekeepers by Alice Hoffman, which I really enjoyed.  The story centers around the lives of four women who come together through different circumstances, and whose job is to take care of the doves (which were important for their, um, ability to produce fertilizer for the community gardens)... in a Jewish settlement in the desert in 70 C.E., when the Roman army's took Jerusalem and then systematically conquered the rest of the Jewish cities and settlements... The settlement is on top of the mountain Masada, King Herod's previous stronghold.   I love historically-based novels, and while this book was a long read at 500 pages, it was worth it.

I promised myself when I finished, I could read the Hunger Games.  Which I did.  Loved it!  Not starting the second one until I finish the next book club book, which I'll tell you about next week :)

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  1. I often go on those quick (a relative term!!!) little knits kicks--sometimes I just need to have some FOs to prove that I'm really knitting, or sometimes like you -- I'm waiting for that perfect sweater pattern to pop up!!! You've done some beautiful "littles" this week!!

    Happy yarn along! (and thanks for the Dovekeepers recommendation--it's now on my "list"!)

  2. It's so nice to have quick knits, it makes you smile!
    I have been wanting to read Dovekeepers and promised myself I could once I finished all my tax work, guess I should get started on that!
    Have a happy yarn along.

  3. Love the color of that hat. Yeah for small knits. There's often a great sense of accomplishment with those.

  4. i hope that yarn appears. :) i have a yarn room (kids have all moved out) so i do understand! and blessed small things, so much satisfaction in them.


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