Tuesday, October 4, 2011

How many is too many?

 (just a silly - unrelated picture to start us off...)

 This past Sunday went from rainy/cold/drippy - to slightly less rainy/cold/drippy/almost-sunny.
We had decided that unless there were downpours, we would go as a family for our fall apple picking adventure.  That always involves cider donuts, and coffee, and apple picking (of course) and then lunch.
It's one of my most favorite fall outings that we do as a family.

We found an "almost organic" apple farm not too far from our house.  It was on top of a giant hill, and we
had a beautiful view.  I don't know if those hills were just a bit higher than I thought, or maybe it was the smell of the apples that intoxicated us... or maybe it was the bite we snuck that drove us over the edge...

But we ended up having a very engaging debate as a family.

And the debate was this:                How many apples is too many apples?

Is one too many?


A dozen or so?

2 dozen?

How about 61 pounds!!?

Is 61 pounds too many?




  1. Ooooh, those look so good! I'm excited to take my own crew apple picking this year. But I doubt we'll pick anywhere near 61 lbs. Enjoy your fruit!

  2. I am still processing about that much from my trees. No it is not too much but before next harvest I want a cider press. Those apples are lovely.

  3. Too bad I'm not there to help make applesauce. Looks yummy !


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