Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Yarn Along: More Pachyderms!

I'm aware that if I continue to knit nothing but small elephants, those beloved people in my life who know me and love me (and humor me) as the obsessed knitter that I am, may eventually begin to question whether or not I may be just a wee bit crazy in the head after all and start to ever so carefully suggest that maybe I should consider knitting something other than an elephant.

But I mean, I ask you honestly, what could be cuter than this?

Well - I'll tell you what could be cuter.

The answer is - 2 more!!!

And Ysolda Teague, the designer, is an absolute genius at writing a clear, simple, straight-forward pattern.  I have so much to learn from her!

Now - I promise to knit something other than an elephant.

I promise to try.

I promise to consider thinking about trying.

And as for books - Johann and I are now reading Charlotte's Web.   We are in the chapter where Wilbur is very lonely, having just left Charlotte to go and live at uncle Zuckerman's farm.  So it's a bit sad, where we left off, but there are good things coming for little Wilbur (I made sure to emphasize this when I was closing the book last night - due to the very troubled look on my son's face) .

What are you reading/working on this week?

Posted as a join along with Ginny over at Small Things.  Happy Wednesday to you! 


  1. The elephants are adorable!

  2. They are extremely too cute for words :D

  3. They are the best - I can totally understand you're hooked!

  4. I think you should keep knitting elephants because you need a herd right? I think they are just too cute and I love the little cardigan.xx

  5. Those elephants are delightful - keep them coming! I like their little coats too.
    Charlottes web is a wonderful book - Enjoy

  6. I wish I had the knitting gene. I LOVE those eph-a-lumps. They're too cute.
    Maybe you could make all kinds of animals and have a Noah's Ark. :)

  7. I love them!!! Maybe a giraffe next?

  8. I've been checking out your blog since Cori posted the link to her sweater on facebook!! (I was her roommate in college.) Anyway you have me hooked on Elijah too!! I just got the pattern it looks a little daunting but I'm willing to give it a try!! Thank you!


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